We Are Sweety Shawarma

Sweety Shawarma is one of the products of Sun Group Trading Sweety Shawarma, which offers you the best types of chocolate and other ingredients in a way that makes eating chocolate or cream as an adventure
The Sweety Shawarma Unit consists of a booth consisting of the best types of materials to withstand various types of weather around the world, in addition to the Shawarma Chocolate Machine, the modern crepe machine and the modern addition to our Sweety Shawarma Ice Cream Ban 


The Story Behind Us!

Our vision:

Offering innovative, innovative and innovative products, making chocolate and crepe a kind of adventure. We offer the most unusual, modern and innovative varieties with high quality, providing a wonderful, attractive and weather-resistant work environment that makes it suitable for different environments around the world.

Our message:

providing high quality food products, through Commitment in applying high quality food standers, by using advanced industrial techniques, Considering Environment requirements, with team spirit, to achieve excellence, innovation and optimal investment of available resources.




we are in SUNGROUP team interested in providing modern, Delicious, Innovative, high quality food.


1. Professionality: the Performance of employees of the group were professional, handicraft, for all stages of the production and administrative process. Focusing on the marketing, sells, after sells, and servicing of our agents and customers.

2. Quality: focusing on products quality, Dealing with the products by the company’s employees and customers as high quality products with international standers.

3. Reputation: focusing on group reputation, through Commitment in high quality standers for export, marketing, quality of the products.